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Time to get your spook on this October and Halloween month! The city of Savannah is full of haunted tales from the past, and these tours will bring them to life. Checkout some of our top ghostly tours going on this month and throughout the year in Savannah, Georgia.

1. Savannah E-Bikes Ghostly Tales Tour

Savannah’s only electric bike ghost tour:
– Come join us on a ride through America’s haunted city. Ghosts of the past are a part of our daily present in Savannah and you never know when you might catch glimpse of one!

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2. Guided Haunted Pub Crawl

Cheers to the ghosts of Savannah’s past:

-Meet in Madison Square at 7:30 pm, where we’ll begin a haunted walk through the city stopping along the way to enjoy a variety of pubs and their stories. This tour is for 21 years + to participate. Learn about the city of Savannah’s ghostly past and present!

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3. Ghost Stories & Haunted History Segway Tour

Roll into a haunting Savannah tale:
– Segway with us to some of Savannah’s most eerie and haunted locations. Hear the tragedies and misfortunes of some of Savannah’s most well know residence. You’ll understand why Savannah is the most Haunted City in America. Some of the unsettled residences of the past still walk the hallways of the homes they love. Come join us for an haunting experience you’ll remember!

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4. Savannah Ghost Tour

Savannah Ghost TourSavannah haunting brought to life:
– Why is Savannah considered one of the most haunted cities in America? Book your tickets now and find out the answers! Hear about other spine tingling tales on this fascinating and occasionally unnerving tour!

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5. Bonaventure Cemetery Segway & E-Bike Tour 

Bonaventure CemeteryGet there quick but leave even quicker:
– This masterpiece of a cemetery is the resting place of many famous people and stunning architectural eras, and Segways and electric bikes provide an intimate way to connect to the character of this place.

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