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a white flower on a plant

Savannah’s garden city legacy is rooted in her humble beginnings as an agrarian experiment into hinterlands. Nowadays, massive oaks still shade stately squares and handcrafted iron gates border elegant courtyards that survived Civil War burnings. Try out the Gates and Gardens Walk as our knowledgeable guides reveal the secrets of Savannah’s plant life.


  • 22 squares and parks bursting with color and landscape design
  • Antiquated ironwork
  • Finest private urban gardens in the country

The tour for those who have a green thumb or wish that they did. Wander through the residential districts of the city and glimpse into the gardens that have made Savannah world famous as the urban forest. See what lies over the garden wall of some of Savannah’s finest homes. The “Gates and Gardens Walk” is a unique tour that lets you explore the fauna of this lush and forest city.

The word is out:

“We had blast booking the walking tour! So much history and beautiful buildings to see”
– Sequence Financial, Google Reviews

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