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Roll through the city streets of Savannah, Georgia!

This isn’t your average city tour… One of the coolest new trends popping up in cities throughout the U.S. is Segway & Electric Bike Tours. These tours allow you to cover so much more ground than you could on a walking tour. Segway’s might look like they are hard to operate from the outside, but only after stepping on you can see how easy and fun it is! After the first few minutes it will feel natural to you and the expert guides at Savannah Tours in Motion will be there to help out every “roll” of the way.

Their are so many great tours of Savannah and even Tybee Island, Georgia that you could choose from. A great introduction to the city if Savannah can be found on the Historic Savannah | Segway or E-Bike Tour.  On this tour you will roll through the majestic live oaks with the hauntingly beautiful Spanish moss as you are surrounded by Savannah’s breath-taking architecture, ironwork, monuments and fountains. Your expert guide will tell you stories of Savannah’s that will be it’s history to life. Tour time ranges from 60-minutes to a bonus 90-minute tour time. You always have the option of choosing a Segway or E-Bike to tour with.

Another tour that you can’t miss is the the Bonaventure Cemetery | Segway or E-Bike Tour. On this tour you will visit this beautiful masterpiece of a cemetery which is the resting place of many famous people. Your eyes will gravitate to the romantic influences of the Victorian era while fascinated by the Southern Gothic representation. AS you glide through the fabulous live oaks and wonderfully dangling Spanish Moss, listen close. You might just hear Johnny Mercer’s “Moon River” traveling through the breeze. The Segways and electric bikes provide an intimate way to connect to the character of this heavenly place.

Savannah is widely known to be one of the most haunted cities in America and on the Savannah E-Bike Ghostly Tales Tour you will quickly learn why… Hear about the ghostly tales of Savannah’s past which are still in the present. This tour is sure to send some shivers down your spine.

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